Posted by: John McGerr | July 6, 2013

Photos from Gathering

We are into the third day of our Gathering event today and so far it has been fantastic. Every event has been well attended and generated a great buzz. Things began on Thursday with a dedication service for a headstone erected in memory of Isola Wilde, Oscar’s sister who was buried in Edgeworthstown. She died aged 9. After that was there was a gallery launch of painting by Bernard Canavan, formerly from Edgeworthstown now resident in London. His work focuses on irish emigration in the 1950’s. Finally on Thursday there was a culture night featuring music, dancing, storytelling and recitation. On Friday there wa sa heritage walk around the town , highlighting local history, followed by a talk on the Edgeworths, then the launch of an interactive CD of Edgeworthstown history. The highlight of the day, and indeed the weekend so far, was the ‘American Wake’ a combination of music, song, dancing, drama and recitation all telling the stories of what it was like to be evicted, to emigrate, to travel to the US, – all from the Famine times. It was incredibly well put together and performed..



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