Posted by: John McGerr | February 5, 2012


It’s been a whole year since my last post here. Before the election, when the economic meltdown was just getting started properly. Has a year changed anything?  Not a whole lot. We have a new government and popular opinion considers them to be just a puppet government pissing their pants every time France, Germany or some top-level banker looks sideways at them. The bankers haven’t changed, Again it may be might ignorance on high finance but the basic premise is now that the bankers helped screw up the economy but no-one else can be trusted to fix it. ‘It was great the you bailed us out now fuck off while we think of new ways to generate billions, pay ourselves big bonuses for not doing our jobs terribly well in the first place and if it all goes belly up well you just come back and dig us out of the hole again. Greatful? That’s a poor person’s word’ Meanwhile the 99% are shovelling shit to keep the whole gravy train rolling, muttering under their collective breaths about the bondholders and the politicians and the speculators, conveniently forgetting that when the money flowed we all wanted to suckle from the tit.

I’m not going to pretend to know how to fix this that’s what I am paying my taxes  for, that’s why I voted. I am not surprised or shocked at the arrogance of the wealthy or that those at the bottom of the heap are keeping the whole thing afloat and end up paying for everything. That’s what was happening when the times were good. The banker financed the speculator/developer who paid excessive amounts for land, who then paid construction over the odds to build houses as cheaply as possible while charging excessive amounts to the guy who wanted to buy the home, and he got his money from the bank who never thought ‘gee what would happen if this guy can’t pay us back? Well fucked if I’m going to worry about it’

I’m finishing this off by including lyrics from a song – written about another era but I feel they are quite apt. The song is Lotteryland © Richard Thompson

That’s the place I used to work
When I was a wild, young turk
It’s now the Museum of Industry
Schoolkids get in for free

Brickworks-smell of rotten eggs
Rubber works poured out the dregs
Now it smells of Dettol and pee
Lotteryland’s the place to be

Where the steelmill used to stand
There’s a park in Lotteryland
Be a pram-pusher on parole
Go windsurfing on the dole

They can put you right to sleep
Better than Brookside or The Street
It’s lucky numbers, one, two three
Lotteryland’s the place to be

We don’t care who runs the shop
Left wing, right wing, curse the lot
A million quid talks sense to me
Lotteryland’s the place to be

Now gone is dirt and gone is strife
And gone is struggle and gone is life
“Shove it, mate, I’m busy see”
Lotteryland’s the place to be

Now we triple lock the doors
Streets are full of thieves and whores
In a padded cell eternity
Lotteryland’s the place to be
Lotteryland’s the place to be
Lotteryland’s the place to be


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