Posted by: John McGerr | February 12, 2011

Ireland in Decline 2

A lot of mud-slinging has gone on in the past few months pointing the finger at this one or tha one for the screw-ups in our economy. I think all the slinging has missed out on one big one. The Electorate. That’s right! The voters of Ireland. And I count myself one of them. ‘Ah shure things are going great, why bother changing”. Well maybe if we’d voted the feckers out when times were good it might have shook things up.  If Jimmy the TD was getting too cosy with Paddy the Builder then he might have changed his tune if it cost him his seat… or is that too simplistic a way to look at it. Granted the jackasses were in power and the mules were braying at the gates but maybe if they’d been changed from time to time they might have had less time to f**k things up.

So an election looms – who to vote for? Listening to what’s is being reported there is little to choose between any of them. On a TV3 debate recently Michael Martin and Eamon Gilmore were just like two kids, ‘I said this, you said that’ ‘No I’d didn’t, I said the other and where ‘s me Ma? I’m telling’ It’s all very drearily boring and samey. The Country’s in a mess, the  crowd that were minding the house handed it over to any whizzkid that could shuffle bricks and mortar. The Banks were bailed out by that long-suffering eejit the Irish Taxpayer and are now laughing…well all the way to the bank presumably. Now the jackasses who were in control want it back because they say they’re the only ones who know how to fix-it. And the others, when not slagging off FF are slagging off each other.

There are some interesting and, in my opinion, alarming statistics though. According to this site if you ignore the top five parties(FF, FG ,LAb, Green and SF) you have 233 candidates, two hundred of which are independents. To me this is alarming because our new government could be made up of a large party and a lot of independents meaning no government at all really. Fine Gael, for first time since the 1960’s, are running more candidates than Fianna Fail. Fianna Fail cannot be the next government unless in coalition as they have not enough candidates even if they were all elected. So how quickly will all these small parties learn to re-love Fianna Fail if it get’s them into government? It would be a breath of fresh air if they all turned down the chance to be in coalition with FF. No doubt some will claim that if they do enter into coalition it will be to act as watchdogs, or words to that effect. How much watching were the Greens and their ilk doing when the economy was pouring down the drain?

I think we should elect Osama or Gaddafi or some other enemy of democracy, then the Yanks could step in, execute a regime change then they could run it, or we could just hand it back to the Queen(would she even want it?).



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