Posted by: John McGerr | January 29, 2010

A sense of me

Some of the fondest memories I have are of a two storey house not far from the banks of the Moy river, a place called Castleconnor.  This house was home of my aunt and uncle, Rita and Thomas Boland and it became a summer tradition for a small army of kids to pile into one, or two cars and arrive in a noisy flood at Boland’s home. They had an expanding family themselves so it is a testament to the mental stability of all the adults involved that we didn’t set them stark, staring mad. The major attraction to the Boland home was actually located a couple of miles away in the seaside town of Enniscrone. There there was a beach. Grass covered dunes hid most of the beach until you climbed to the top from the car park then you were looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. When the tide went out it seemed miles to the water and that water could be extremley cold until you got used to it.  You could hike along this beach for miles and there lots of hidden nooks and crannies amongst the dunes that appealed to the explorers we felt we were. The house and surrounding farm was not without it’s own attractions, a sweeping view of the Moy river and an old ruined stone tower, that seemed much bigger when we were children. Sometimes we would take road trips to see the spectacular scenery of Mayo. Sadly both Thomas and Rita have now passed on and the memories I have of Boland’s have grown less clear over the years but I will always remember the excitement I felt when the trip ‘to Ballina’ was due to start. Summer just would not have been the same without it.



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