Posted by: John McGerr | January 19, 2010

Another craze?

Blu Ray and high-definition screens have only started to take off and yet the techno-crowd are moving on to the next big thing. 3-D Television. I don’t see the point frankly. No matter how good the technology is it can still only display a set of images on a screen. A nine minute wonder it will be, just like Blu-Ray, which I feel has been way over-rated. The biggest benefit to my television watching in the past year was the eighty Euro satellite dish that lets me pick up better quality terrestrial TV so I’m not watching through a haze.  With so many people just after upgrading to the high-definition standard, or considering it and with the economy still so fragile I can’t see Three D being any kind of success at all.

For more information about how the new three D works, read the following FAQ

Three D



  1. I’m old enough to remember black and white TV with only two channels. We were happy with the quality of the picture then, but looking back 50 years later it was very primative. A good slap with the palm of the hand to the case of the TV was the way of correcting a bad picture. I’ve always found that when I’ve got a new television, that the novelty of a bigger and better screen soon wears off. I haven’t yet got HD, but when my current television ‘packs in’ (which could be years from now, as nothing ever goes wrong with TV’s now) I no doubt will. Is the picture on a TV screen now to be more sharper and clearer than the view that you get when you look out of your window?. I would rather have better quality TV programmes.

  2. Hi Patrick, I remember the old back and whites and the excitement as kids when we got our first colour tv. Everything since that has been more hype than anything. Until I got the satellite dish watching some channels was a waste of time. You may sson be forced to change your telly anyway when they drop analogue for digital.


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