Posted by: John McGerr | January 7, 2010

A decade Gone

It is 2010 and the first decade of a new century is gone by, consigned to memeory, augmented by digital stills and/or video. Our country has gone from boom to bust and it seems both everybody and nobody is to blame. Is blame even the word to use – certainly there have been few, if any, punished for the mismanagement of the economy. For the ordinary Joe or Jill it’s just a variation on a theme – things got a bit easier for a while then things go bad again. Now we’re in a new decade – wiser, more environmentally conscious – things will get better. Or maybe we’re just the self-same, self-interested morons we always were.  On a personal level life is much the same as it was at the start of the century. My personal highlights of the past decade would me my trips abroad, new additions to the family tree both close family and extended family, being involved in the books of Parish History, being picked as Clubman of the Year by the local GAA CLub in 2007, keeping my job after the fire in 2006. There were other smaller highlights during the ‘noughties’ (appropriate but horrible word) so in all it wasn’t a bad decade. Perhaps the next one will have more of the highlights. And to you – reader – a Happy New Year.

Some photos from Xmas 2009



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