Posted by: John McGerr | August 6, 2009


I don’t watch much television and my main reason for not watching television is that there is nothing on worth watching.  Both parts of that last statement are true …..and false. It would not be unusual for me to spend a couple of hours watching something on televsion but compared to the time i spend on a computer or reading, my televison watching is the least of the three activities. And while I do watch more televsion than I claim to, I like to think I watch the ‘better’ quality programs. I’m a big fan of David Attenborough’s programs and wildlife, nature programs in general. Documentary television can be interesting when well done and can be thought provoking. More and more though I tend to buy a season, or collection of programs on DVD and watch them that way. I have watched episodes of certain series on tv and followed them when I could but would forget  to record them or(and this happens regularly) the schedule is changed for some reason and I would miss it. Now that these are coming available on DVD I can watch them when I want to. Or follow spinoffs(for example the Law & Order program, or CSI) or try something someone else recommended. Getting the DVD means no adverts of course, but also might give a little background into the series and it’s stars or stories as well as giving you the freedom to re-watch old favourites(as someone who often re-reads favourite books again and again this is a great benefit to me). There are, and have been, some great programs on television, CSI Vegas and New York(can’t stand David Caruso’s portrayal of  Horatio Caine). I’m a big fan of Law&Order Special Victims Unit(gritty television dealing  frequently with uncomfortable topics, with great minor character acting). Band of Brothers, based on the true tale of Easy Company and their exploits during World War II. Deadwood, more gritty television and as far away from the wild west of John Wayne as you’re likely to get(even Clint Eastwood would feel out of place in this Western tale). ER – in some ways the pioneer for many of these other shows, more realistic, packing a whole lot of stories into single episodes, yet also carrying out some stories for several episodes, strong character actors with good main cast(has any other show gone through so many key characters and still keep going, fifteen seasons it lasted). My latest is ‘The Wire’ – it’s hardly a favourite with the Baltimore tourist board showing a city rife with violence, drugs, murder and corruption. Another mix of strong leads and great character actors.



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