Posted by: John McGerr | June 8, 2009


Elections, that time of your life when wishful thinking replaces logic, when you believe, if only for a short time, that that man, or woman, with the charming smile and hearty handshake will really make a difference.  It’s that time when you hope there will be more than glitz and glamour, but substance and real change. I am rather cynical about politics and politicians.  It’s rare, in this country, for a politician to be acccountable for anything. There are too many, most of whom serve little purpose. When any wrongdoing is highlighted we have big, expensive tribunals that achieves nothing. Despite a booming economy for many years we closed hospitals, left schools unfinished, instead offering incentives to build houses(for who?), roads rather than good public transport. We have more rainfall than most nations yet frequently fall short when it comes to clean drinking water.  Although we’re not the worst country in the EU at using renewable energy, we’re still well short of our agreed target for 2020(to have 16% of our power come from renewable resources – Sweden and Latvia are well on their way already).  We are in the middle of a grave recession yet all I seem to hear from our ‘leaders’ is bitching and whining and blaming. It would be nice to think that they’d put aside the petty wrangling and concentrate on getting the country back on it’s feet, but it’s not likely, they’re politicians, first and foremost dedicated to themselves. Take responsibility and who knows, you might even get the electorate to believe you. Fianna Fail and it’s coalition partners had years of ‘good times’ but made little effort to prepare for any sort of downturn. The ‘Opposition’ were largely ineffective(but why rock the boat, they were in the rich end of the spectrum, had relative job security and would be cushioned from any downturn anyway).

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