Posted by: John McGerr | May 31, 2009

Family Tree Update

A ‘Family Tree’ is an apt term for a genealogical study of a family. Like the tree the branches can by myriad and, unless you’re very lucky, it can take years to grow and may sometimes not bear much fruit. Our family tree has been growing for years, fifteen or more and has expanded way beyond what my Dad or I thought it would be. It’s been slowly evolving bringing in branches of the family that are related quite distantly. We have been very lucky as well, meeting up with people who share the same interest. Recently we made contact with a family from Pittsburgh who were looking for information. How they made contact with us is a lesson in persistence. In 1973 a man called Adams came to Longford and discovered some information about relatives from this county, named Heaney, one of whom was married to an Anna McGirr. There was a link to the parish of Drumlish. This year then, a daughter of that same man(Marie Adamas Hughes) was organising a trip to Longford to retrace her father’s footsteps as she was doing a family tree. She wrote to the postoffice in Drumlish looking for information about Heaney&McGirr. The post mistress in Drumlish did not know about Heaney’s but was familiar with McGerr’s from Edgeworthstown and suggested she contact us. Marie wrote a similar letter to the post office in Edgeworthstown who passed on the letter to us. She enclosed an email address so contact became more direct and when we met, and compared notes, a week or so ago, we were able to determine that the Anna McGirr she was looking for was a sister of my great-grandfathers. We are distant cousins, related in the same way as cousins in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. My great-grandfather had three brothers and three sisters, we now have traced two brothers and two sisters to the modern day. It would be nice to finish off this branch of the clan, even if the remaining brother and sister had no families it would be nice to confirm it. Also recently we have been updating the modern portion of another branch of the family, and adding to the photos of the family. It will, we hope be a great resource for those following after who wish to do research.


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