Posted by: John McGerr | May 24, 2009

Movie musings

Some time ago I bought a collection of Laurel and Hardy DVD’s – a box set. It contains many of their surviving short films as well as some of their feature films. It’s a nicely done set, even though,  for me, the addtion of colorised versions of their work is a waste of space. I often saw their clips on television when I was younger but they seem to have fallen out of fashion in the recent past. Of all the comedy artists from that period, they are the ones i really enjoy looking at all over again. The amount of effort and skill that they and their co-stars put into their films was phenomenal.  The physical effort alone must have been immense. It’s really worth any movie buff’s time to watch a few of their clips and wonder just how some of the stunts and situations were set-up and achieved. And, yes, there are times you can see the glaringly bad special effects and some of the pratfalls you can see coming, but in an era where special effects often dominate movies, it can be nice to appreciate the low tech era. I like seeing how movie effects were made and it was one of the reasons I initially switched to DVD, for the extras – but sometimes it’s just nice to watch a movie and wonder…just how did they do that?



  1. They were so funny! I loved their movies.

    • Totally agree Mike, and it’s easy to see the influence they have had on both comedy and comedians.


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