Posted by: John McGerr | April 29, 2009

From the airwaves

I stopped listening to music on the radio years ago because so much of it I considered crap. Television wasn’t quite as bad, I still have fond memories of The Old Grey Whistle Test and the variety of music you could hear and now I like Later with Jools Holland. Irish radio has always had one major problem, too small of an audience. Four or five million people is only a medium sized city in some countries so stations are going to aim to hit the most obvious listeners. I have never really taken to hit music, chart toppers, even if many of the bands I like have sold millions of albums and even had the occasion hit single. In a way I feel sorry for groups now. You have to churn out hit after hit or you get abandoned. I know lots of groups fell by the wayside in the past as well but it seems that there record labels back then were less about the profits and more about the music. And many of the record companies made millions yet the creativity of the artists was encouraged(and sometimes to poor results – there were lots of overblown efforts at ‘creative’ music down through the years and artists that could have done with some outside interference). I can’t help feeling that, that’s all changed today. The ‘industry’ has too much power, new forms of music are seized upon, marketed to death and sludged up into a homogeneous mess where everyone sounds the same. Of course I could be faulted for not listening to enough radio or other sources so that maybe I am not getting the ‘big’ picture and perhaps that’s right. My only voluntary exposure to this music is when family or friends are listening and I get no choice, but I usually spend the time longing to get back to my own musical preferences. If anyone has been following this blog(I sometimes wonder if I repeated previous posts exactly would anyone notice?) you’ll have some idea of my musical tastes by now but below are some links to videos of artists I like. Please note these are external links and I have no control over them.

Pink Floyd

Steely Dan

Deep Purple

Al DiMeola

Tangerine Dream

Fleetwood Mac

Neil Young

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mike Oldfield

Creedence Clearwater Revival

ZZ Top


Bob Dylan

Led Zeppelin

Rory Gallagher



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