Posted by: John McGerr | March 23, 2009

Cinematic Tastes2

I was a big fan of James Bond movies when I was younger. I never saw one in the cinema, but saw them frequently on TV.  Towards the end of Roger Moore’s stint as 007 I started to lose interest in the series. I watched bits of the Dalton and Brosnan films, but never sat down to watch the whole thing. For spy movies I found myself more inclined towards Alec Guinness and his role as Smiley in the television series. They were more ‘realistic’ than Bond’s high living style of spying. As a result of this I had never watched Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond. But, at the urging of a younger brother, I finally watched the movie recently and it was so very different from all the other Bond’s of the past. It obviously owed a lot to the Jason Bourne movies and I wonder what each one would have been like if the roles had been reversed – Damon as Bond and Craig as Bourne(both do action movies well, so it’s not that outlandish an idea). So I would give the new Bond a thumbs up and hope that as a result of the success of these adaptations, that soon another personal favourite will make it to the big screen. This is the character of Nicholas Linnear, the Ninja. The character was created by Eric Lustbader(who, in a nice twist, has written new Jason Bourne novels) and has a great story. There have been six of these novels to date and I would like to see the character brought to the screen, but it would have to be done well(more like Bourne or the new Bond).  According to the author himself the rights to the first novel ‘The Ninja’  were sold but the project never happened. He goes on to state that the project has recently been revived, so hopefully it will happen. Now I can start speculating on who should play the role of Nicholas.



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