Posted by: John McGerr | March 18, 2009

A sense of place4

I work in C&D Foods, based in my hometown. It’s a plant that manufactures petfood, most of which is exported. It was largely the brainchild of Albert Reynolds one of the many projects he was involved in over the years, and one which has benefited my hometown and many of the surrounding areas for forty years. Most of that time has been a story of continued success, a success that almost came to nothing with a fire in January 2006. At the time almost 500 people were employed in the company. Although there was a long period of uncertainty following the fire, the company has come back and expanded again. Although there will probably never be the same level of employment as before, for those that do work there it has been a boon. I started there in 1985, working in quality control until 1999 when I got promoted to Supervisor where I still work. Like all such companies that have lasted a long time there have been lots of changes, especially in personnel, a key change being the diversity of languages now spoken.



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