Posted by: John McGerr | March 14, 2009


I recently dug up some photos I took, many years ago, on a school trip to Paris, France. 1978 was the year (I’ll leave you to do the maths). These photos have deteriorated over time so I scanned them into the computer and spent a while with Photoshop trying to fix them up. I am sure if I spent more time and effort I would get them better but they are, as we say around here, ‘good enough for a country job’. I did write on the back of the photos what I was taking photos of (of course there the obvious landmarks like the Eiffel Tour) so at least I knew what the photos were supposed to be before I started. Photoshop is a program I like playing around with and there are some great books and blogs out there for anyone trying this software out. There is a program called The GIMP that is free if you want to try editing your own photos and don’t want to spend a lot of money and it runs on a variety of systems.



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