Posted by: John McGerr | March 11, 2009

San Francisco2

I enjoyed the trip to America. A lot of it had to do with the people I spent the most time with – cousins who have lived there for many years, people who give you a different insight to a country then you get from reading stuff, or from movies or documentaries even. I think the ultimate test of a visit to any country is ‘Would I go back?’ (though some might argue it’s ‘Would I want to live there?) -in any case, my answer is yes.



  1. Glad to see you liked it. I think that visiting an open minded city like S.F. probably was a fantastic help to that. Middle-America in the more Republican areas or even the more run down cities like Detroit/Atlanta can do a lot to make a person really dislike America!

    I really hope to make it up to Ireland sometime in the next couple of years. I hear mixed things about it, but I think I’ll thoroughly enjoy the people and the experience!

  2. You’re probably right. I hope you do get to Ireland – it has lost some of the friendliness of years gone by but it still has a charm all of it’s own. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Awesome. I am happy that you liked it here. I always love to read positive stores about San Francisco.
    I do not agree with Corey. I have met great people in the Midwest (New Mexico, Utah ..) and in the east (NY, Illinois …).
    The overwhelming majority of people I met on the road were open minded and intelligent.

  4. Thanks for your comment. I guess that’s the problem with generalizations. My experience was positive in both New York and San Francisco, the only slight downside would be Vegas and that was just a feeling rather than anything concrete.


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