Posted by: John McGerr | March 10, 2009

San Francisco1

I have a lot of photos to go with this bit so I am dividing it into two parts. Our trip to the USA was coming to an end. The Sunday before we departed we hooked up with Patrick Carney(Frank&Margaret’s son), his lovely wife Juliette and their son James. It was a relaxed morning and just a nice way to catch up. I think I could live in San Francisco, it has a nice ambiance about it.  After Patrick, Juliette and James left, Mum and I took a stroll to Stanford shopping centre(Mall I think is the correct Americanism). We did some shopping for the folks back home and I bought a Zune. I knew nothing about these devices, but I was looking for a small mp3 player/videoplayer/photograph viewer and it fit the bill at a good price(given the exchange rate at the time). Despite it’s flaws I haven’t regretted it. I’m just curious that Microsoft won’t let us Europeans use their Marketplace. Other than that it works well, does what I want and the battery life is adequate. It’s only 30 gigabyte but unless I load a lot of video that is adequate.

Monday – Frank and Margaret brought us on a tour of San Francisco. We visited Pier39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, the Presidio(and dropped in on George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic – George wasn’t home so we had to settle for a quick look around reception) and Fort Point(located near the Golden Gate Bridge), the Palace of the Legion of Honour(some sort of red-carpet event here so we did not go in) and took Highway One back to Menlo Park, stopping at a nice coastal restaurant for dinner. Like all good things our time in the US had come to an end.  We could have used our time more efficiently and perhaps saw more sights but you won’t take in even a small country like Ireland in one short visit. I hope to re-visit someday.



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