Posted by: John McGerr | March 9, 2009

Return Trip

After returning to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon we spent the night there. After all the travelling it was nice just to relax for the evening which is all we did. I went for a walk to find a bookshop and watched  a small part of a show being displayed on the roof of an arcade. Early the next day we returned to San Francisco by a more direct route than the outgoing trip. The countryside was the same mix of lush greenery or orchards mixed with stretches of bleak, dusty land, populated with scrub bushes. The effort and money that goes into irrigation here must be immense. One of the towns we passed through was Baker, home to the World’s Tallest Thermometer.  After a stop for lunch we stopped again in a two called Gilroy to wait for anew bus to take us on the final leg(some people were going in different directions). We spent a long time here  and it was one of the duller points of the trip. Before we left we’d been invited to Mumbai and Bombay by some of the Indian tourists that shared our trip. Back in Cupertino we were picked up by Frank and Margaret and were soon back in Menlo Park. Going by bus is probably a more tiring way of travelling long distances but you get a different perspective on the landscape and more of a feel for the country. Americans have gotten a bad press in the past few years and some of it was self inflicted but like any country, race or tribe, generalisations don’t tell the whole truth.



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