Posted by: John McGerr | March 5, 2009

Grand Canyon

From Las Vegas we went to the Grand Canyon. We stopped briefly at the Hoover Dam, probably one of the more famous dams in the world. Lake Mead is the lake created by the dam, which dams up the Colorado River, the same river which flows through the Grand Canyon, more than one hundred kilometres to the east(as the crow flies, but over 300 kilometres by road). The countryside was mainly scrub bushes, loose bundles of trees and very few buildings.  Near the Canyon we stopped at a visitor centre to see an IMAX film about the Canyon and it’s history. The canyon itself is just immense, words, pictures nor video really do it justice. It is just breathtaking, on a scale that, like the cliche says, ‘has to be seen to be believed’. Like Yosemite, our time there wasn’t nearly adequate to do this place justice. Frank Carney and his sons had hiked to the bottom some years before and it takes a full day to do this. Again, highly recommended.



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