Posted by: John McGerr | March 4, 2009

Las Vegas

From Fresno we travelled across country to Las Vegas. The country we pass through was pretty barren looking for the most part and none of it too heavily populated, then the place is so big the population of Ireland would vanish in the wilderness. Las Vegas itself must be one of the most unique cities on earth, everything geared towards getting people to part with their money. We visited some of the more famous casino’s, the Bellagio, the Venetian, huge structures with lost of different entertainments, but all centred around slot machines, card tables and other money making items. I liked it, but would not like to live there. Whereas in New York, San Francisco etc, the cheery ‘Have a nice day’ that service people say sounds sincere, here it sounded more soulless. More a case of  ‘don’t go yet, you’ve still got money!’ At night, Vegas really glitters and shines. We saw a short show at the Rio with elaborate sets hanging from the ceiling, saw the musical fountain at the Bellagio which I imagine looks better at night. We saw another show called Ice at the Riviera, Russian skaters performing to music on a special stage. We couldn’t take photos here, which was a pity. Afterwards we visited Treasure Island casino, which had an outdoor show featuring male and female pirates and some impressive pyrotechnics. Then we went to the Venetian. Complete with canals and gondolas and blue skies..fake blue skies(it was pitch dark outside). Afterwards we went back to our hotel(off strip as they say here), but complete with plenty of slot machines.



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