Posted by: John McGerr | March 1, 2009


September 23rd – Frank and Margaret brought us on a trip t0 Sebastopol, a small town north of San Francisco which has played host to a Celtic Music Festival since 1995. It a weekend long event and we were headed for the final day. A variety of groups perform, outdoors in a marquee and indoors in the local Community Centre. Along with the main attraction of the music there are stands selling a variety of stuff and, if you have musical talent and an instrument of some sort you can join in. Afterwards we drove to the home of Jim and Mary O’Connor, friends of the Carney’s who own a vineyard. Jim reminded me of James Coburn for some reason, maybe it was the white hair and beard. We did not get to taste any of their own wine but it was interesting thing to visit a ‘working’ vineyard, with grapes almost ready for harvest.



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