Posted by: John McGerr | February 27, 2009

Jones Beach

For our last full day on Long Island, Anna and Dennis tooks us out on their boat, a trip to Jones Beach. It was a hot and sunny day, one of the best since we’d arrived. I’m not much of an expert on boats but Dennis’ boat was a neat, compact craft with a small galley, an awning under which we could sit outside and enjoy the views and a fair surge of speed when we got out to open water and Dennis could open up the throttle. We had breakfast on the boat, then Anna, Mum and I walked through an underpass to the beach itself. There weren’t many people about. Later on the day we met up with Neil and Christine Carroll. Neil was from Edgeworthstown and had worked on my Father’s farm until he emigrated in the 1950’s. Every year, on my Dad’s birthday he would send my Dad a few dollars. We met a place called Milleridge Inn in the town of Jericho. Apart from the Inn  there was a small recreated village that featured small shops. It was a nice way to spend an evening and our last full day in New York.  On the Friday morning we took another trip out around Jones Beach, this time by car and we ate at a place called Catfish Max’s, to which you could get to by boat or car and we ate, alfresco(surprise!), watching some boats come in. Then we were off to JFK once more, where we spent two and a half hours sitting on the plane before taking off for San Francisco and the second half of our US trip.



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