Posted by: John McGerr | February 23, 2009

Trip to Niagara

We travelled to Niagara by bus.  The route we followed took us through Pennsylvania and the state of New York. Coming from a country where any trip over two hours is often viewed as a major undertaking it was refreshing to travel in a country where a two hour trip can be a case of  ‘just nipping down to the shops’. The scenery enroute was not spectacular but was pleasant vista of green hils, forests, rivers and small towns. We stopped at Elmira for lunch then at Seneca Lake – this is a beautiful  lake, one of a bunch of lakes called the Finger Lakes, in the west of New York state. We got talking to a older couple who were also from Ireland, over visiting their son. Later in the evening we came to the falls, our first indictation of their presence a large plume of mist as we crossed a bridge over the river. The view was spectacular.



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