Posted by: John McGerr | February 19, 2009

New York, New York

Driving and walking around the streets of New York was something of an odd experience. I’d never been here before but so much of it was so familiar. Television, movies, magazines, books, so many stories have been set in this city that it’s difficult to know how to react when someone points out a site of interest and a part of you feels ‘seen that a hundred times’, which takes time to wear off, then you can appreciate the reality instead of the media induced fantasy that’s been playing in your head. Even after just a few hours in this city I knew a few days here just would not do it justice. We went to the Rockefeller Centre to the Top of the Rock and it’s splendid views of the city. I’d had an ambition to see the city from the Empire State, but it was nicer to see it from somewhere else. While we were there we heard a lot of cheering and shouting from one part of the roof, some guy had proposed to his girlfriend. I imagine it’s not a unique event on this roof. After a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trump Tower(complete with indoor waterfall – I wasn’t keen on the reddish-orange colour scheme) we visited the View Restaurant on top of the Marriott Hotel. There was a long queue to get up to this restaurant, but the whole places revolves to give you some spectacular night time views of the city. By the time we were heading back to Long Island I felt I could understand why this city fascinates so many.



  1. New York is really a unique experience. Even though you know it from TV, you cannot connect the places and know how they relate to each other, feel and touch everything and smell it.
    I love New York. It is one of my favorite cities in the world, but it is also expensive.

  2. New York City is such a great place for photogrpahy. I can spend forever there taking pictures.


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