Posted by: John McGerr | February 18, 2009

Massapequa Park

In late 2006 I decided that my next trip would be to the US. Like Australia and New Zealand the main motivation was invitation from my cousins in the US to come and visit them. There was also the opportunity to reopen connection with another bunch of descendants, McGerr’s that had emigrated Stateside in the early years of the 20th Century. In 1987 my parents had been 25 years married and for their anniversary we sent them on a plane trip to New York and San Francisco. While in New York they had satyed with some of those McGerr descendants, but we’d lost touch. I wrote to the address where my folks had stayed but the letter was returned. We tried a couple of other addresses with no success either, somehow in the space of less than twenty years these people had vanished, or the generation living had no interest in exploring the family tree. In 2007 my mother and I headed for New York. We were to stay with cousins of hers, Dennis and Anna Hearn. Dennis picked us up at John F.Kennedy, where there was a lot of construction going on. Dennis and Anna live on Long Island, their house is on an inlet, a place called Massapequa Park. It’s a nice, quiet town, a lot of the houses had boats docked in the water at the back.  We had dinner outside looking at the water, this alfresco eating is becoming quite a habit.



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