Posted by: John McGerr | February 13, 2009


As the first book we published with the history of the Parish was such a success there were calls for a second book. People who had missed out on the opportunity to have their photos in the first book were keen on seeing their images in print. Our committee, in general, were a bit ambivalent – a couple of key members were deceased and no new faces were appearing to help out. But, after much discussion, we decided to go ahead and invited submissions, started research, made a plan for what we wanted to include. We issued an invitation to the growing non-Irish national community to submit family photos but had no response. Perhaps if we’d pushed a bit harder. In keeping with the people oriented themes of the first book we decided to survey the cemeteries in the Parish, as well as seek information about people from the Parish who were buried elsewhere.  We also decided to include old folk tales, these had been compiled in the late 1930’s and were in archives in UCD. As farming was a key economic feature of the Parish, a brief history of it was also included. Although the process took longer than we’d initially hoped for, we finally published ‘Myths and Memories’ in 2007. It was a much thinner book than our first one and we had a good initial run of sales which has now tapered off to a trickle. We were in the happy position of not getting into debt for the print costs so slow sales were not a cause for concern.



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