Posted by: John McGerr | February 10, 2009

Fox Glacier

We were travelling by bus to Fox Glacier from Queenstown and one of the highlights of the whole trip. It started out really badly. We hadn’t left Queenstown when the bus we were on broke down and we had to head for the depot and get on a new one.  Shortly after getting underway again the skies opened and it began to pour rain. Somewhere near Wanaka the second bus brokedown. We limped to a small filling station and while the driver went to arrange things we trooped into the small shop with the promise of free tea and coffee. With the way our luck was running it was hardly surprising that this machine broke down as well. Arrangments were made for another bus company to pick us up and meet with a bus from the original company further down the line. So, eventually, we got onto the fourth bus – this didn’t break down, but there was a leak in the roof near the back and if the bus had been full someone would have had to sit in the wet spot. Because of the torrential rain it was hard to see much scenery from the bus but at intervals along the way there were cascades of water, mini-waterfalls if you like – flooding down from the side of the road. We crossed several rivers along the way, all in full flood. The landscape was a mix of flat farmland,  forested hills, scrubland, rivers and would, I guess, look wonderful in drier weather. The rain did, eventually stop, but when we got to the village of Fox Glacier we were informed that the power was out. . However it did not stay out for long. So we had arrived.



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