Posted by: John McGerr | February 9, 2009


Queenstown is one of the key tourist towns in New Zealand. It’s built on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, in the centre of mountains. We were staying a few days here, taking a flight to Milford Sound. Unfortunately when we rang to confirm the trip on the Saturday we were told our flight was cancelled due to bad weather, but that we might be okay to fly out on Sunday. Since we had the day in Queenstown we explored. Much like Wellington, a lot of Quuenstown is built on the sides of hills, so walking to some of these places requires stamina going up and care going down…care that you don’t start to run and run out in front of a car. We took the gondola up to Bob’s Peak. At the time we went there were few people around, but you get great views of the town and lake, and the Remarkables mountain range. Higher up than the spot the gondola stops you can go Bungee jumping, or take a ride on a luge. In a wine shop you could buy a card, get a glass and sample different wines from New Zealand. We called again about the flight, which was cancelled again, so we never got to see the Sound.  Queenstown Gardens is a park on a small peninsula jutting out into the lake. It’s a nice place to walk around and has a memorial to Robert Scott  who reached the South Pole in 1912 only to find the Norwegians had reached there first. He and his crew died on the way back.



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