Posted by: John McGerr | February 5, 2009


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand on the south coast of the North Island. And it’s aptly nicknamed ‘the Windy City’.  There are also some 2000 earthquakes here every year though the last really big one was in 1855.  We did not know this before hand but I guess it wouldn’t have stopped us visiting. We were primarily here for a ‘Lord of the Rings Tour’, but on our first day we were having a city tour. This was a good way to see around the city. One stop on the trip was the Mount Victoria lookout, which gives some great city views but is a very windy location. One thing that struck me on the way up to this spot were the houses built on the side of the hill, some with private cablecars for access. For parking there were wooden platforms also built on the side of the hill. I guess the views are great but getting to your home can’t be easy.  Other stops on this tour were St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and Carluci Land, a local artist who makes sculpture from found materials.



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