Posted by: John McGerr | February 5, 2009


Being a fan of both the book and films, coming to New Zealand was like stepping into the ‘Making Of..’ section of the DVDs.  Travelling around this country it wasn’t hard to see why Peter Jackson chose it as the location for the film. The sad part, for a visitor, is how little sign there is left that the filming took place. I can understand why they would want to restore the scenery to it’s natural state but it did seem a shame that there wasn’t more ‘evidence’ left behind. Having said all that I still would not have missed this part of our trip. We were a small group with a tour guide, Nathan. Nathan was an extra in the second movie who played a Banner Elf in the Helm’s Deep battle scene. He was certainly an enjoyable and enthusiatic guide, who took us to several locations where scenes has been filmed as well as a general look around some other parts of the Wellington area. We saw Peter Jackson’s studios(from the outside) and the WETA effects building as well as prop trees and the ‘Venture’ ship from Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. Kaitoke Park, site for Rivendell, was beautiful and we stopped for a while at the Chocolate Fish Cafe, which featured outside dining, on both sides of the road.



  1. have to go to the land of LOTR, your post confirms it even more


  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I’d really recommend it, even without the LOTR connection, it’s an incredible country and such a variety of microclimates.


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