Posted by: John McGerr | February 1, 2009

Brisbane and Sydney

From Port Douglas it was back to Cairns via bus then onto Brisbane. There were a few families of cousins here, some I had met, some I had only been in touch with by email. For the latter it was nice to put faces to names. We were met at the airport by Veronica Johnson, Allan and Monica McNab who gave us a quick look at some of Brisbane before getting us settled in our hotel. Then we went to the McNab house. They told me their house was called a Queenslander. These were houses built on pillars or stilts above the ground to provide ventilation prior to air-conditioning and to protect the house from floodwater. There was a whole houseful of guests and we sat out on a veranda having a barbecue. There was no evidence that this was the Australian winter, but the locals told us it was much hotter in summer. We analyzed the family tree before returning to our hotel. Next morning we wandered around an open air market before flying once more, this time back to Sydney. Only a short stay in Sydney this time – we had a flight booked to Christchurch and ‘Lord of the Rings’ country…



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