Posted by: John McGerr | January 30, 2009


A break from travelling down under – a list of some places to visit online. When I first thought about doing a blog I began to search out blogs to see what I could find, what was involved, what kind of people created them, what kind of subjects they talked about and to seek some inspiration for my own. Like everything else on the Net there are many kinds of blogs – some great ones, many average ones, some bad. Some are just collections of links to other sites, some show the talents of the writer or photographer, musician or the creator of the blog. Here are some links to ones I’m glad to have found and feel are worth a part of anyone’s day to visit.

FlickrSeekr – this blog owner has set about collecting samples of photographs from the Flickr website. Flickr itself contains millions of photos so this blog gives you a flavour of what’s available. Some excellent photos here.

Too Many Projects Film Club – two people select and write about films on the condition that each film chosen in linked to the previous one.  The fact that some of their choices are films I also like is an added attraction

Verve Photo – Gives brief biographies of photographers and a sample of their work and the story behind the image.

Benjam Photography – I like looking at photos and like seeing the world through another’s eyes.  Here are more great images.

Catskill Photos – One photographer’s blog.

Ubersee – images of Singapore – unlike my own these photos go deeper into the heart of Singapore, it’s people and culture.

Municipal Archive – Not sure how to descibe this – I’d could call it text photography but that may sound a bit pretentious.  Check it out, see what I mean.

That’s it – intermission is over – next we return to Australia.


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