Posted by: John McGerr | January 27, 2009


By plane to Cairns – our plane was delayed in Alice Springs due to a faulty door- so we were a little late arriving. Our first evening there we had the first rain we’d had since touching dowin in Sydney. Maxine and Chris had recommended our next destination, Kuranda. It’s a village near Cairns, in the middle of rainforest.  We took a train up to the village, stopping briefly at Barron Falls – as the rainfall had been scarce, the falls were not in full flood. At the village itself there were a variety of activities, lots of crafts and gift stalls. We got a demonstration of Aboriginal skills – playing the didgeridoo along with information on how they are made – spear and boomerang throwing and an exhibition of tribal dances. There was a wildlife park where you could get up close and personal with various reptiles, see more koalas and crocodiles. There was also a trip on an Army DUKW – this is a second world war vintage vehicle that can travel on land or in water and it was a weird sensation to drive down a slope and into a small lake with only the briefest of pauses. To get back to Cairns we took the Skyrail – a system of cablecars strung across lush forests, rivers and waterfalls. This on it’s own was worth the trip.



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