Posted by: John McGerr | January 21, 2009

Australia-New Zealand

My trip to Singapore in 2003 had rekindled my interest in seeing the world – the only question was where to go next. Having unearthed some new extended family members over the Internet, Australia and New Zealand seemed like a good choice. Part of me was deterred by the length of the trip, but it was only a small part. My boss at work was agreeable to letting me take a whole month off, once that was okayed, the trip was on. I was advised to organise any internal trips in advance and with the help of the good people at GINZ I planned out trips to the main tourist sites.  Though I initially contacted my cousins down under in late 2004 to tell/warn them I was coming, it was to be September 2005 before I actually arrived in Sydney. I bought a camcorder to record some of the trip – a Sony Handycam. My mother travelled with me.



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