Posted by: John McGerr | January 18, 2009

Family Tree

One of the first pieces of software I ever bought for my PC was a genealogy program – the name escapes me at present, but I had high hopes of tracing my roots back as far as I could. My parents played a key role in this as they had lots of information to hand. After that I got uncles, aunts and cousins involved. It has been a long journey and one frequently set aside for other, more pressing matters, but always returned to. Like many others, when I first began to explore the Internet I had the idea of using it for genealogical research. There was a bewildering amount of information to be found. I became a regular poster to and reader of newsgroups and posted to a  variety of websites. In those days you could leave your email address all over the place and rarely get junk mail(as time went on this policy forced me into changing my email as I could be getting up to 100 junk emails everyday!). Finally I read a post from a lady searching for descendants of a Bridget McGerr. As I had a Bridget McGerr in my family tree I replied, we exchanged information and I found myself with a bunch of distant cousins in Australia. Around the same time a family came to us from New Zealand, also looking for the same information and I found new cousins in New Zealand. Having met some of my new cousins when they came to Ireland it was a great feeling to meet them again(plus others I’d only corresponded with)in 2005 when I took a trip to Australia and New Zealand. I haven’t found any new cousins lately but am working on bringing the family tree more up to date. One thing I  have found hard to do is get the branches of the family to update their own ends – I’m not looking for distant, dim ancestors, but a listing of their children, wives, husbands etc. So if ever one of them decided to look up their history there will be a lot of it already in place. Family Tree can be found here.



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