Posted by: John McGerr | January 17, 2009

More musical musings

Recommending music to others is not as easy as it seems, especially if you cannot say what it it about the music that so attracts you. I own most of Pink Floyd’s albums, yet none of the Rolling Stones. But I’d listen to the Rolling Stones ahead of almost any modern pop group/boy band or girl group. I don’t own any Beatles albums but still rate them very highly. I have seen Bob Dylan, Santana, Queen, David Bowie and Dire Straits live, enjoying the shows, yet I own very little of their work.

With all of the above in mind – here is a list of albums I do own, that I would recommend(and some honorable mentions)

Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall – Pink Floyd

In Rock, Machine Head, Made in Japan, Perfect Strangers – Deep Purple

Phaedra, Force Majeure, Dream Sequence, Poland, Richochet, Tyger- Tangerine Dream

Citizen Steely Dan – Steely Dan

Very Best Of – Woody Guthrie

Reves D’Oasis – Desert Blues 2 – Various artists(from Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Ethiopia and others)

One More from the Road, Essential – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Anthology – Al Di Meola

Tubular Bells 1, Ommadawn – Mike Oldfield

On the way to Himalaya – Popol Vuh

Yessongs – Yes

Welcome back my Friends to the show that never ends – Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Live Rust, Decade – Neil Young

The Last Waltz – The Band

II, III and IV – Led Zeppelin

UFO has landed – Ry Cooder

Holding Up Half the Sky Voices of African Women – Various

The Pros and Cons of Hitchiking, Radio Kaos – Roger Waters

On an Island – David Gilmour

The Madcap Laughs, Barrett – Syd Barrett

Rising, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll – Rainbow

The Jimi Hendrix Concerts – Jimi Hendrix

At His Best – Ginger Baker

Repeat Performance – Hawkwind

Tapestry – Carole King

Rumours, Live, The Chain- 25 Years – Fleetwood Mac

Ziggy Stardust – The Motion Picture – David Bowie

Live from Paris – Stomus Yamashta’s Go

Paris – Supertramp

The Mind of the Universe – Isao Tomita

Songs from Liquid Days – Philip Glass

Astral Weeks, Common One, Beautiful Vision, It’s Too Late To Stop Now, Best Of – Van Morrison



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