Posted by: John McGerr | January 8, 2009

Computer days 2

My first involvement with the Internet was in 1996. Again, it was Paddy Walsh who introduced me to it, helping me get setup with a dial up acount.  At the time your choice of ISP in Ireland were Indigo and Ireland On-Line.  My browser of choice was Netscape then Internet Explorer was being given away with Windows so why download another browser? In these years, Paddy and I and a bunch of other Longford people got together with a vision for the ultimate Irish website. The basic idea was that if someone thought og ireland and wanted any information about it, this website would be the place to go, much like many people consider Google the place the start an Internet search. Several different prototypes of this site were developed. Emails at the time could be a bit problematic, but I can remember getting messages from as far away as Alaska. Around this time I took the step into website design, first using the software that came with Netscape, and then I purchased Hot Metal. My main issue was – what topic could I choose that would make an interesting site? I chose the Edgeworth family, for whom my town was named. There were a few very prominent members of the family that were well worth writing about and it gave me great satisfaction to complete it and then to get people emailing me looking for information about the town and it’s history. There were also many descendants of the Edgeworth family who got in touch as well. One of the most interesting ones I had was a Professor from Nagoya University in Japan who was translating Castle Rackrent in Japanese.

If you want to see what the Web looked like in the mid 1990’s there is a site that has been archiving the Web for a number of years. It’s called the Wayback Machine and the link is below

Wayback Machine

Professor Matsuoka’s Website

Local Longford as it looks now

Local Longford as it looked in 1999(Sadly some of the graphics are missing)



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