Posted by: John McGerr | January 3, 2009

A sense of place

Edgeworthstown (Mostrim to many locals) is a small town near the centre of Ireland. Built mainly along one street, in recent years it has expanded, mainly to the northwest. It’s an unremarkable town at first glance, just a collection of shops, homes, pubs and small businesses. For some considerable time it made headlines because the town was a bottleneck for traffic. In 2006 the largest employer in the area, C&D Foods, was partially burnt down and a workforce of almost five hundred was reduced to under two hundred.  But there is more to the town than meets the eye. It has a rich history, associated with a number of famous writers, has connections to the Royal Court of France and the French Revolution and over the last few years, like most of Ireland, has become home to a number of nationalities. The town has it’s share of talent, artists, writers, musicians, singers, dancers. Above all else – it’s home.



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