Posted by: John McGerr | January 2, 2009

Last Day

Ming Village is a unique place, using years old techniques to recreate the pottery of the Chinese historical era known as the Ming Dynasty. It’s possible to get a factory tour and see the steps involved and then, if you wish, to make a purchase. However, for most things, very deep pockets are required. The showrooms also display objects made from pewter, some of which also require deep pockets. After returning from Ming Village we spent a short time in the Arab Quarter or more correctly Arab Street. The shops here sell mainly textiles and leather goods, but also baskets and rugs. Not far away is the Sultan Mosque, main centre of worship for Singapore’s Muslim community. For our final evening in the city we revisited Boat Quay, sat out by the river and said farewell.  I enjoyed the two weeks I spent here. It may not be a perfect city and it’s outward facade of tolerance and unity may be just that – a facade – I don’t know. Someone once said that the real test of place is if you could imagine living there and I could readily imagine living in Singapore. I still find it amazing that Malaysia gave up control of this city in 1963 – after getting it back from the British.  Given that it’s less than fifty years since gaining independence it has done well and there are many countries with longer history that have yet to solve the problem of integrating multiple cultures, races and religions.



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