Posted by: John McGerr | December 29, 2008

So where to begin?

Street in Rouen

Street in Rouen

I dreamt of travel to foreign, exotic places for many years.  Books were the main inpsiration for this, plus television. But it was in 1978 when our school undertook to send a group of us to France that the longing hit it’s peak. It was a short trip, over a weekend and I was armed with a pocket camera, a Kodak 110 if memory serves. I found the photos I took recently, many of them with faded colours. I was diligent enough to write on the back of each one what I had been looking at. It was to be many years before I travelled outside my home country again, a short trip to London. I took a camera on that trip too – something I have done on every trip since. and it was first time on a plane.  On my third trip though I got down to serious travelling – a flight to Singapore, twelve hours in a plane for someone who had two hours flying experience.  Why Singapore? The reason for the trip has been a factor in almost all my trips so far – to see a family (or extended family) member. In Singapore it was my sister Elaine who was teaching English to adult students in that city. For other trips it was to meet with cousins – msome of who I were just names in my address book. An interest in genealogy turned up cousins in Australia and New Zealand one reason I like using the Internet.



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