Posted by: John McGerr | December 29, 2008


Taken from the Singapore river

When I first decided to go to Singapore it was just, primarily, someplace to go. I had made up my mind I wanted to go somewhere, not to the usual tourist resorts that most people go to and my initial thought was to go to the USA. I have cousins in California who had often been to visit in Ireland. However the more stuff I read on the ‘Net about the regulations getting into the US seemed not worth the trouble. In hindsight I was making excuses not to go there but have no clear reasons why. The only other choice in my head was Singapore because my sister was there.  I was going to go for Christmas 2002 and told my family. That’s when I found out that some of them were planning to go in the New Year, so I changed my plans to fit in with theirs. As part of the trip we made plans initially to go to Bali for a few days but that fell through when we learned we’d have to invest some serious money in various injections and treatments and it didn’t seem worth it for a two night stay.  We chose to go to Malaysia instead. Choices made I started looking up stuff about Singapore, about the perils of long distance flying, about security issues and loads of other stuff that seemed geared towards keeping people from going anywhere.  I wonder if this has always been the way. Were the mediaeval mapmakers just trying to get people to stay at home when they drew monsters on their maps and said ‘Here be Dragons”?



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